Oliveta Recording Studio

Oliveta Recording Studio is a top quality residential recording studio with some really unique features and a groundbreaking facility built in the rolling Italian country-side of Castelbolognese.

It’s Laura Pausini’s studio where the Artist has made most of her albums from 2005 to date that have earned her, among others, a Grammy Award (“Escucha” 2006), four Latin Grammy Awards (“Escucha” 2006,” Yo Canto” 2007, “Primavera Anticipata” 2009 and “Hazte Sentir” 2018) as well as six World Music Awards (1995, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2014) and four “Lo Nuestro Awards” (1995, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2014).

There’s a huge park, a work-out trail running in the nearby wood and swimming pool. Guest rooms are connected with the control rooms and studio and there’s an ultra-modern kitchen and large relaxation zone.

High-profile design closely combined with the more functional aspects; a really unique facility, custom-built from the foundations up.
A bright airy main room, intimate vocal booth and plenty of control room space. Plenty of natural light, with big windows, and, thanks to its design, it’s almost like being outdoors on nice days.

The main studio is entirely floating (as are all the recording/control rooms), and has an extremely spacious feel, thanks to huge floating stratified windows, which give a wonderful amount of daylight, and the “sails”, the so-called 20 large motorised wooden panels for adjusting acoustics according to the number of people and amount of equipment, or to meet producers’ needs. The panels are controlled via PC, with preset “scenes” and the option of on-going dynamic adjustment.

Designed for the lowest possible acoustic impact, all the studio furniture has perforated side panels filled with absorbing material.

As well as controlling the main room’s acoustic panels, strategically placed touch screens give computerised control of numerous parameters, such as video camera pan, tilt and zoom, heating, ventilation, humidity level, etc, of which the most interesting is the lighting.

The desk is fully automated and has digital matrices instead of patchbays; the system’s flexibility makes life a lot easier and the desk sound great.
You can put mikes all round the building, even in the lounge and in the residential zone, and it’s one of the best drum ambients we’ve heard.
It’s possible to record virtually anywhere – the panels in the corridor connecting the control rooms and machine room are multiple cavity resonators, so it can be used as a reverberation room.

Oliveta recording studio is designed as a top quality studio with the family welcome of a luxury hillside home.

The studio, with digital technology and adjustable acoustic, also allows you to enjoy room and board (6 rooms with tv-dvd player / home theater + 1 suite), free wi-fi internet access, relax zone with table-tennis and table-football; heated swimming pool with heated hydromassage-spa and gym.

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